Learn more about the history of Law In Action. Click on each of the projects below to learn more about how issues in the legal system led to some of the most remarkable initiatives to fix them and ensure that individuals legal rights were upheld.

Student Defense Project

Being expelled from school can change a student’s life. Many times expulsion is justified and is the only real choice. However, there are other times when expulsion is NOT the only option or cases where the student did not do the “crime” but has no legal help to defend himself in the expulsion hearing.

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Jail Project

It was surprising when we realized that someone charged with a 30 day crime would sit in jail for six months before being released. But that was the situation in 2002 when the Jail Project began.

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Magistrate Court Project

While the Jail Project was going strong and getting people out of jail who were supposed to be released, two things came to our attention with regard to the right to counsel. First, the United States Supreme Court had recently changed the law and expanded the right to free lawyers in criminal cases. Second, defendants we were seeing in the Jail Project were not getting free lawyers as they should. So we started a new project: the Magistrate Court Project.

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One Case at a Time

Law in Action has decided to start “One Case at a Time” to help deserving but low income individuals in the Upstate on a case by case basis, by providing lawyer services for civil disputes. Click to learn more about this program.


Whether you work for a private company or the government, it is important for you to know what the law can and can’t do for if problems arise at work. Law in Action’s Workshop program offers a free job rights presentation once or twice per year in Greenville. Contact Law In Action for more information.

Time To Read

For many years Law in Action has been collecting paperback books and delivering them to the Greenville County Detention Center. Contact Law In Action to learn how you can contribute to our Time to Read program.